Tournament Guidelines

Below is the detailed information for this year's tournament. It may have changed slightly from previous years, so please be sure to read through even if you have participated in Habitat Mud Volleyball previously. Click here to register for this year's tournament.

Team Guidelines

  • Teams are made up of exactly six players (No Sub Players Allowed).
  • In order to be eligible for participation, teams must have at least two female players.
  • Only ONE registration per team is necessary, so the Team Captain should be the only person to sign up!
  • Each player must fill out a waiver to participate in the tournament. Those under 18 must have a parent or guardian signature. Download the Waiver now to speed up your registration process!
  • Players must wear tennis shoes/closed-toed shoes in the pits.


The tournament is run with a pool-play bracket system similar to the World Cup soccer tournament. It begins with pool play. Each court will have two pools of four to five teams (Pool A & Pool B) that alternate games. Each team will play each of the other teams in their bracket (round robin). Teams with the best win-loss records in each pool will be the pool winners and advance to the “knockout phase.” The knockout phase is single elimination games between the pool winners until one team is left standing (similar to the NCAA basketball brackets you see every March). This style of tournament guarantees teams at least three games and keeps down time between games to a minimum.

In the event of ties between two teams in pool play, the head-to-head record between the two teams will determine who advances. In the event of a three way tie, head to head record will be looked at but likely a mini-playoff between the tied teams will be used to determine which team advances to the knockout round. The tie-breaking system is at the sole discretion of the tournament organizers.

Rules of Play

  1. If it splashes it’s in bounds
  2. Rally scoring (in the rally scoring system, a point is scored every time a rally concludes)
  3. Play to 15
  4. Switch sides when one team scores 8 points
  5. Entire team must rotate clockwise on side out
  6. Must win by two points
  7. Serve is 'good' if it hits the net and goes over
  8. Ball must make it over in 3 hits or less

Note: The tournament kicks off at 1:00. You may play with as few as 4 players, but play will not be delayed to wait for missing players. Your first game will be forfeited if you do not have at least 4 players.

Click here to donate to Habitat Charlotte! Every Penny Counts!

    • $10 = Box of Nails
    • $35 = Roof Shingles
    • $50 = Low Flow Toilet
    • $75 = Window
    • $100 = Kitchen Sink
    • $150 = Front Door
    • $500 = Siding

The Mud Volleyball team that raises the most money will receive a top prize!


A BIG thanks to SportsLink for providing a huge amount of logistical expertise!

Game Day

  • Great Food
  • Music
  • Beer Tent